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School children sitting at their desks in the Swisher School, Student at front holding sign that says "Swisher School, Sept 1953"
Left to right
Row 1: Darryl Hynek, Mick Bowersox, Jim Pudil
Row 2: Bernard Hynek, Bobby Ross(?), Anita Benish, Bill…

A group of 39 students and 2 teachers posed on the steps of the Swisher School
Top Row: George Becicka, Robert Smahel, Leonard Serbousek, Luir Kulhavey, Franklin Pudil, Velma Holets, Unknown, Unknown
2nd Row: Miss Ford (teacher), Wilma Pudil, ?…

Swisher School 1908 (back).jpg
Backside of Swisher School Postcard
Addressed to Miss Alice Vaverka, Shueyville

Swisher School 1908 (front).jpg
Front view of the Swisher School, 1908
Looking West

B.F. Holets Hardware.jpg
BF. Holets Hardware General Store

JB 1NN.jpg
Young boy and girl holding a cat in Zimmerlie family backyard.
Note on back: Summer 1952, Lanny & Jenny and cat
Looking West.

JB 1MM.jpg
Zimmerlie family in backyard.
Note on back: May 1951, Mamma almos 34 yrs, Lance almost 6, Jenny 4
Looking West

JB 1LL.jpg
Three young girls in summer clothing. Plumbers car in background.
Note on back: June 1956 Jenny 9 yrs, Stephanie 9 yrs, Paula

JB 1KK.jpg
Jenny Zimmerlie standing in the family backyard.
Note on back: Sept 1952 Jenny 5 1/2 - 1st week of school
Lokking West

JB 1JJ.jpg
A group of four small children, two in baby walkers, and women.
Note on back: April 1948, Babies, 1yr, 1 month old, Lance-almost 3, Bobbie almost4
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