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Boys on 3 Wheeler 1986.png
A picture in the newspaper of teenage boys riding three-wheel vehicles in the streets during Swisher Fun Days.

Amelia Kilberger.jpg
Amelia Kilberger standing in front of her home located at 200 Division St. Swisher, Iowa.

Linda at CSPS Swisher.jpg
Mary and John Louvar celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary in CSPS hall. Located at the corner of Rose Ave. and 2nd St., Swisher, Iowa.

B.F. Holets Hardware.jpg
BF. Holets Hardware General Store

JB 1JJ.jpg
A group of four small children, two in baby walkers, and women.
Note on back: April 1948, Babies, 1yr, 1 month old, Lance-almost 3, Bobbie almost4

Swisher fun days  1982pg.jpg
Swisher American Legionners and Women's Auxiliary in the front of the Swisher Fun Days parade. They are holding the Swisher American Legion flag and the United States Flag. Looking west.

Bernice Kloubec 1936.jpg
Scrapbook homecoming picture of Bernice Kloubec.

JB 1I.jpg
Gary and Lanny with homemade go-kart on 2nd street. Shops in background
Looking North

JB 1A.jpg
Gary (Zimmerlie) and Lance (Zimmerlie) with homemade buggy cart in front of the Swisher Trust and Savings Bank
Looking North

JB 1U.jpg
Two children playing in the snow in front of the Dance Pavilion
(Children identified in JB 1S as Shirley and Lance)
Looking South.
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