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Boys on 3 Wheeler 1986.png
A picture in the newspaper of teenage boys riding three-wheel vehicles in the streets during Swisher Fun Days.

Linda at CSPS Swisher.jpg
Mary and John Louvar celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary in CSPS hall. Located at the corner of Rose Ave. and 2nd St., Swisher, Iowa.

Swisher fun days  1982pg.jpg
Swisher American Legionners and Women's Auxiliary in the front of the Swisher Fun Days parade. They are holding the Swisher American Legion flag and the United States Flag. Looking west.

Bernice Kloubec 1936.jpg
Scrapbook homecoming picture of Bernice Kloubec.

Elmer Kloubec  crazy hat .jpg
A scrapbook of "Crazy Hat day in School" with a picture of the swisher school house and another photo of five boys wearing crazy hats (from left: Edwin Pudil, Wilbur Pudil, Elmer Kloubec, Bill Serbousek).

Very Merry Christmas 2019.jpg
A picture of Swisher businesses decorated for the Very Merry Christmas festival in Swisher. Picture taken on 2nd St. Looking north-east.

Swisher Days 1974.pdf
A newspaper advertisement for a Swisher fun day that will be sponsored by the Swisher Jaycees. The money they raise goes to a new fire and storm warning siren for the city.

July 8, 1982 Swisher Days.jpg
Man getting dunked in a dunk tank during Swisher fundays.

Maresh family. 1955pdf.pdf
Mrs. Lloyd Maresh of Swisher bought a bolt of cloth and made clothes to wear to the fair for her children, (from left) Rebbecca, Russell, Ramona, and Reyne. In the newspaper photo, the Maresh family is walking around the All-Iowa fairgrounds.

Martha Zach  1938.jpg
Martha Zach sitting on a Swisher speed limit sign on Division St. Looking west.
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