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Very Merry Christmas 2019.jpg
A picture of Swisher businesses decorated for the Very Merry Christmas festival in Swisher. Picture taken on 2nd St. Looking north-east.

Very Merry Chritmas Horses 2019.jpg
People are dressed up in layers for the Swisher Very Merry Christmas celebration as they wait for a horse-drawn wagon ride.

Wilio Cookie Walk  2019.jpg
The Women's Improvement League of Swisher is hosting a cookie walk in the Swisher Community Library during Swisher's Very Merry Christmas Celebration.

Martha Zach  1938.jpg
Martha Zach sitting on a Swisher speed limit sign on Division St. Looking west.

1958 - 1959 Swisher School.pdf
A photo of Swisher School's 3rd-6th grade class of 25 students from 1958-1959.
From top left row: Mrs. Leona Kaplan (teacher), Larry Shramek, Janet Eckrick, Buddy Goodrow, Dianne Wilhelm
2nd Row Down(from left): Fay Hiyer, Rebecca Maresh, Steven…

Bernice Kloubec 1936.jpg
Scrapbook homecoming picture of Bernice Kloubec.

Bernice Kloubec Class  .jpg
School kids from Swisher School standing outside together.
Fourth from the left is Elmer Kloubec, fifth from the left is Bernice Kloubec.

Big Ad  Swisher fun 1988.png
Cedar Rapids Gazette advertisement for Swisher Legion Fundays. Advertisement includes multiple descriptions of different businesses in Swisher.

Boys on 3 Wheeler 1986.png
A picture in the newspaper of teenage boys riding three-wheel vehicles in the streets during Swisher Fun Days.

Bud & Kurt Goodrow with LJS.jpg
Three young boys, Larry Serbousek, Bud Goodrow, and Curt Goodrow, posing with baseball mits and bats.
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