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Swisher Days  2003  #2jpg.jpg
Calvin Hynek lines up with other children as he gets ready for the Swisher centennial Fun Days kiddie parade.

Swisher day 1975 Ad.png
Swisher Fun Day advertisement from 1975 in the Cedar Rapids Gazette.

Maresh family. 1955pdf.pdf
Mrs. Lloyd Maresh of Swisher bought a bolt of cloth and made clothes to wear to the fair for her children, (from left) Rebbecca, Russell, Ramona, and Reyne. In the newspaper photo, the Maresh family is walking around the All-Iowa fairgrounds.

Linda at CSPS Swisher.jpg
Mary and John Louvar celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary in CSPS hall. Located at the corner of Rose Ave. and 2nd St., Swisher, Iowa.

July 8, 1982 Swisher Days.jpg
Man getting dunked in a dunk tank during Swisher fundays.

Irene Pudil, Bill Serbousek  2003.png
Dick Serbousek and Irene Pudil in Cedar Rapids Gazette for being Swisher Fundays Festival King and Queen.

Elmer Kloubec Class.1920 jpg.jpg
Swisher School kids outside. These are some of the same school kids in photo H1-D. Bottom row second to the left is Elmer Kloubec.

Elmer Kloubec  crazy hat .jpg
A scrapbook of "Crazy Hat day in School" with a picture of the swisher school house and another photo of five boys wearing crazy hats (from left: Edwin Pudil, Wilbur Pudil, Elmer Kloubec, Bill Serbousek).

Bud & Kurt Goodrow with LJS.jpg
Three young boys, Larry Serbousek, Bud Goodrow, and Curt Goodrow, posing with baseball mits and bats.

Boys on 3 Wheeler 1986.png
A picture in the newspaper of teenage boys riding three-wheel vehicles in the streets during Swisher Fun Days.
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