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Wilio Cookie Walk  2019.jpg
The Women's Improvement League of Swisher is hosting a cookie walk in the Swisher Community Library during Swisher's Very Merry Christmas Celebration.

Very Merry Chritmas Horses 2019.jpg
People are dressed up in layers for the Swisher Very Merry Christmas celebration as they wait for a horse-drawn wagon ride.

Very Merry Christmas 2019.jpg
A picture of Swisher businesses decorated for the Very Merry Christmas festival in Swisher. Picture taken on 2nd St. Looking north-east.

Swisher Fun Days 1988.png
Peggy Tessier and her two daughters are riding on a children's ride at Swisher Fun Days.

Swisher fun days  1982pg.jpg
Swisher American Legionners and Women's Auxiliary in the front of the Swisher Fun Days parade. They are holding the Swisher American Legion flag and the United States Flag. Looking west.

Swisher fun day 1990.png
Riley Marx and Justin Porter compete in a Swisher Fun Days big wheel race at the Swisher Legion.

Swisher Days Pig 1982.jpg
People watch as a boy competes in the Swisher Fun Days greased pig contest.

Swisher Days Girl  1982.jpg
A photo of a girl sitting on a big wheel tricycle while other kids lean on a fence, waiting for the race to start.

Swisher Days 1974.pdf
A newspaper advertisement for a Swisher fun day that will be sponsored by the Swisher Jaycees. The money they raise goes to a new fire and storm warning siren for the city.

Swisher Days  Face Painter 1982.jpg
A boy (unknown) getting his face painted during Swisher Fun Days Celebration.
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