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JB 1NN.jpg
Young boy and girl holding a cat in Zimmerlie family backyard.
Note on back: Summer 1952, Lanny & Jenny and cat
Looking West.

JB 1MM.jpg
Zimmerlie family in backyard.
Note on back: May 1951, Mamma almos 34 yrs, Lance almost 6, Jenny 4
Looking West

JB 1LL.jpg
Three young girls in summer clothing. Plumbers car in background.
Note on back: June 1956 Jenny 9 yrs, Stephanie 9 yrs, Paula

JB 1KK.jpg
Jenny Zimmerlie standing in the family backyard.
Note on back: Sept 1952 Jenny 5 1/2 - 1st week of school
Lokking West

JB 1JJ.jpg
A group of four small children, two in baby walkers, and women.
Note on back: April 1948, Babies, 1yr, 1 month old, Lance-almost 3, Bobbie almost4

JB 1II.jpg
Small boy holding hands with a young girl. Swisher Feed and Seed in the background.
Note on back: May 25, 1947, Linda Ketro, Lance -23 months old
Looking East

JB 1HH.jpg
Boy holding the handle of a Radio Flyer wagon with a girl and dog in the wagon in the back yard of the Clover Farm store.
Note on back: Lanny (sic) and Jenny Spring 1957

JB 1GG.jpg
Three boys and a girl on tricycles.
Note on back: Patsty - 5ys, Allen - 2 1/2 yrs, Stevie - 3 yrs, and Lance, almost 3 yrs

Jb 1FF.jpg
Young boy with sled in the snow, Dance Pavilion in the background.
Note on back: January 2, 1948, Lance 2 1/2 years old
Looking South

JB 1EE.jpg
Mr, and Mrs. H.O (Zip) Zimmerlie outside the Swisher School
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